Our compliance with the GDPR

We care about your privacy and to protect the personal information we process about you. All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with current legislation on personal data. The following describes how we collect, process and share your personal information.

Information about the processing of personal data

In 2018, we got a new personal data law. The law consists of national rules and the EU’s Privacy Regulation (GDPR). Regulation is a set of rules that apply to all EU / EEA countries. The purpose of the new legislation is to strengthen the protection of individuals’ personal data.

With us, we ensure that all processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the GDPR and other personal data legislation. The following describes how we collect, process and share your personal information.​

Why and when do we use personal information?

Our business includes collecting, registering, processing and storing information about candidates, education and professional careers as part of our recruitment processes.

We only use personal information where:

  • Candidates actively search for a position
  • The candidate has given his consent for us to store personal information by sending us his CV
  • We collect information directly from the candidate in connection with our assignments for the following purposes:
    • education and professional background to assess qualification
    • you are a customer or contact person in any of our assignments

What personal information does this apply to?

We process personal information you have given us in the application, or which is available to see if you are the right candidate in a recruitment process.

This applies:

  • Basic personal information, e.g. name, date of birth, (but not social security number). address, contact information, marital status, place of residence and place of birth
  • Financial information, e.g. income
  • Information about education, profession, knowledge and experience, e.g. CV and employment certificate

​Whom do we share personal information with?

In addition to the personal information you provide to us, data may also be obtained from other sources.

Examples of sources:

  • Public authorities
  • Other organizations
  • Credit and information companies

We only send information with the consent of the candidate to our customer, e.g. the company to which we provide recruitment service.

How long do we keep the candidate’s personal data?

We store the candidate’s personal data for as long as necessary for each individual purpose; one purpose may be a special recruitment project, but it may also be that the candidate has submitted information to us to join our register to be matched to upcoming recruitment assignments

What rights does the candidate have regarding his personal data?

The candidate can get information about personal information we have registered and use, where it comes from and in what purpose we use it. As well as information about how long we store the information and who are the recipients of personal information.

Correction or deletion

If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, the candidate has the right to have the information corrected or deleted with the restrictions imposed by applicable law and the right to process data.

Restrictions on use

If the candidate believes that the personal information we have registered is incorrect, or if there are objections to the use of the data, the candidate may request that we limit the use of the data for storage. Usage will be limited to storage only until it can be determined whether the data is correct.

Withdrawal of consent

The candidate may withdraw his consent at any time. Please note that if consent is revoked, we may not offer the candidate specific services or products. Please also note that despite the revocation, we have the right to use personal data for use that is based on your consent, for example to fulfil an agreement we have entered into, or if we are to do so by law.

Data portability

If we use data based on the consent, or as result of an agreement, and the data processing is automated, the candidate has the right to obtain a copy of the information provided to us in an electronically readable format.

Contact information and complaints

​Candidates are always welcome to contact us if there is a question about the right to protection of personal information or about how we register and use your personal data.
You reach us via email; post@wsgs.no.

You can also send a complaint to the Data Inspectorate, PO Box 458 Sentrum, 0105 Oslo or via e-mail to: postkasse@datatilsynet.no.

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