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Why career guidance?

When you read this it is probably because you are considering or have already decided and signed an agreement on the final package.

Maybe you know what you want to do next – or have you postponed those thoughts and think that it will probably work out?

And yes; it works out for most people! But it can take time and from experience we know that the period ahead of you can be both frustrating and difficult. Job search is hard work and definitely not paid vacation!

Losing your job is a big upheaval. You may never have been in such a situation before. What are your strengths / weaknesses? How can your expertise be of great value in a new business? Who are you as person and what values are important to you? You need to reach out to sell yourself in the best possible way. Even though Scandinavian countries have good social schemes, most of us are dependent on work and regular income.​

A career counselor will be a good supporter in such a process, both in terms of making you aware of your own “selling points”, being a supporter and giving you focus and “drive” in the process towards a new job.

What is career guidance?

​Career guidance is an agreed, structured and targeted process where the goal is to ensure that you are offered a new, desired job within a reasonable time!

Career guidance gives you a personal coach / advisor who:

  • Strengthens your opportunities to get yourself a new, desired job
  • Brings you lasting skills development and meaningful personal development
  • Contributes to good action ability and job focus
  • See you and support you
  • Challenges you without provoking

With professional career counseling with us, you will also benefit from our networks, and we will be able to guide you into recruitment processes we have ourselves or know about.


Make a realistic career plan


Mapping of competence, personality and characteristics


Mapping opportunities in the market


Create / update your own CV


Practice writing applications


Mapping and use of own networks

Job tools​

Use various job search tools


Interview training with professional recruiters


Access to all partners’ professional networks

Do you need our assistance?

Need assistance? We offer services in recruitment, search and selection, organizational development, onboarding, management support, restructuring, deployment, and leadership for hire. Our extensive leadership experience and network across various industries enable us to assist businesses, executives, and owners in achieving profitable business development, efficient change, and career guidance. We focus on ensuring that both companies and individuals succeed in moving forward. Clients will benefit from our values – curious, generous, and competent. As your preferred HR partner, we are ready to assist you!

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​Together with World Search Group Scandinavia, our history in Norway and the rest of the Nordic countries goes all the way back to 1982.

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